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Digital Licencing

Extended Licence Included for Commercial Projects and Resale


Our licence allows you to:

  • Use resources to create a free end product or product for sale

  • Use resources within personal and contracted client projects

  • Use resources in multiple projects

But you can’t...

  • Use resources on their own, as-is. You must combine resources with other original design work and not use them as the primary integrity / design element within a design. Please see the resource specific FAQs for more details/exceptions. If unsure please contact us at

  • Redistribute, sublicense or share resources

  • Resell resources as digital stock images/downloads You may not resell work created from our resources in a way that is seen to compete directly with the original product creator. E.g.: Downloading an illustration pack, combining the illustrations to create a new illustration and reselling this as a downloadable stock image.

  • Use resources if the end clients annual revenue is more than $25 million USD per annum If you work for or are contracted by a company with an annual revenue in excess of this please contact us and we will set up a bespoke licence to cover your needs. To contact us email:




  • Can I use them as a background within my original design? Yes

  • Can I use them as an overlay within my original design? Yes

  • Can I use them to fill specific areas within my original design? Yes



  • Can I use them stand alone on items for resale such as iPhone cases, bags, t-shirts, etc.? No, you must create original art with them.




  • Can I use them as a background within my original design? Yes

  • Can I use them as an overlay within my original design? Yes



  • Can I use them stand alone? No


Vectors & Illustrations



  • Can I use them to create a flattened, original design for use on Print on Demand websites? Yes but please refer to FAQ’s for more details



  • Can I turn the vector/illustration into a repeating pattern, texture, icon or other design resources for resale in a new format? Not unless you have created an original design with it.

  • Can I provide my client with the source files? *see General FAQ’s for more details.

  • Can I deconstruct the vector/illustration and resell the individual parts? No

  • Can I use a vector/illustration as a primary logo mark for an organisation? You cannot copyright these end logos, as the design elements are not unique to you.





  • Can I use them stand alone to create original artwork for sale? Yes

  • Can I use them stand alone to create unique illustrations, including logos for sale on items like mugs, T-shirts, and posters etc? Yes

  • Can I copyright my end design, providing that I have used my brushes to create original artwork, and sold as a flattened end design? Yes

  • Can I use them to create hand-letting Word Art for personal projects or an individual client? Yes



  • Can I use them to create stamp brushes for resale? No

  • Can I use them to create clipart for sale? No


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Does this licence allow for multi-users?

All of our licences are single user licence only- meaning only one person can install them and use them. If you require a licence for a team


What is a single user licence?

A single user licence means that only the person who has purchased the bundle or shop product is licensed to use the resources contained within the bundle/shop product. You are allowed to use these resources across 3 active devices as part of your licence.


What is meant by an original design?

An original design is a design where purchased resources are not used stand alone (except for fonts) but instead are combined with other resources, artwork or original design work, so that your purchased resources do not constitute the primary integrity of the design.


Why is there a restriction in place if I am working with a large client?

All licences including extended licences need restrictions. It is common place for resources to be capped according to scale. These restrictions provide you, as the end user, with useful guidelines for your projects and also protect the designers and their work against large scale corporate use. Should you need to be able to use for a large corporation please contact me to discuss usage and licencing.


Can I sell my original designs on Print on Demand (P.O.D) websites?

You can definitely sell your original designs on P.O.D websites as long as you are selling a flattened design where the resources cannot be extracted by a third party. Fonts cannot be embedded or uploaded to any P.O.D website, as this would allow for third parties who had not purchased a licence to work with them. However, uploading original, flattened artwork (such as backgrounds, wedding invitation templates, etc.) and allowing third parties to add custom text using the P.O.D website’s standard font options is allowed.


What if I need to provide my client or printer with original source files?

You are allowed to provide your printer with source files for the sole purpose of printing your work, provided that once the printing has occurred, they will delete all files from their system.

You are not allowed to provide your clients with layered, source files. Instead they should be provided with final, flattened designs. If your client requires access to source files to make additional changes to your design, they will require a licence for themselves.

Any Questions please reach out to use at

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