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Local artist's design featured on Collingwood Mayor's Holiday Card

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and put myself out in the community as an artist. One such way I do this is by entering contests.

At the end of 2019 I entered a contest advertised in our local paper, The Collingwood Connection. It was a call for designs to be featured on the Mayor of Collingwood's Official Holiday card. I had only a day to enter prior to contest close so I took a design I had previously developed of the Collingwood Museum and re-imagined it in a winter setting with holiday lights, snow and hanging poinsettias. It turns out my quick effort resulted in Winning the contest and my design was on the 2019/2020 card. This was not for prize money, it was only for recognition and went to 350 local and regional dignitadignitariesryies and contacts. I received my card in the mail along with the Mayor's other recipients so it was too late to promote to my followers for that year.

This year I am pleased to announce that I now have packs of 8 cards of the same design available for purchase on my site. Make your holidays in Collingwood special with the official Mayor's Holiday card. I also have prints of this design available for purchase as well.

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