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This Procreate stamp and brush set allows you to easily add Tropical elements to your illustration and lettering art to save you time! Combine elements to easily create scenes.

Great for: Cards such as Tropical Getaway Wedding Invitations, Print on Demand, repeat patterns, Fabric and Home Decor Design, Tattoo Design, Colouring pages, Birthday Parties, and Beach Parties.


Included in this set: 9 Brushes, 100 Stamps, and 150 high resolution (8100x8100pixels, 300dpi) transparent .PNG images.

Brushes included:

Tropical Foliage Brush, Palm Frond brush, Beach Dune grass, Sand Grain Texture, 3 Different Palm tree brushes, a Plumeria Flower Lei Brush and a Colour Changing Flower Lei brush.

100 Procreate Stamp Brushes - For each unique graphic, you will receive both a detailed outline stamp and a coordinating Fill/Silhouette stamp. Stamp in any color you want. Layer them for different effects, use clipping masks to paint details onto silhouette stamps.

Stamps Include:

Tropical Birds: Scarlet Macaw in 3 poses, Blue and Gold Macaw, Plain Parakeet, Flamingo in 2 poses, 2 peacock poses, peacock feather, 4 poses of pelicans, Crane, Egret Heron, Toucan, 2 Sand Pipers

Tropical Flowers and Foliage: Hibiscus, Plumeria flower and Plumeria flower bunch, Jasmine flower and bunch of Jasmine flowers, Passion Flower, Calla Lilly, Wild Ginger, Heliconis, 2 different Caladium leaves, Bird of Paradise, Elephant ear leaf, palm frond, Monstera leaf, 2 Palm trees

Beach related items: Beach Chair, Thatched Umbrella, Beach Lounger, Lifebuoy, lifeguard chair, Lifeguard hut side, and rear views

Tropical Drinks and Food: 3 different tropical drinks, Drink umbrella, bananas, pineapple, papaya, coconut, start fruit slice

Sea Shells: Starfish, sea urchin shell, Sand Dollar, Cowrie Shell, Scallop Shell, Welk Shell, Bi-Valve Shell, Moon snail shell.

Includes 150 Transparent .PNG Files in high resolution 8100 x8100 pixels, 300dpi.

For each image you receive 3 files:

  • Black Outline

  • Black Outline with White Fill

  • Black Silhouette

Zipped File Size: 315.80 MB

File Types Included: .PNG, .BRUSHSET

Software compatibility for Stamp brushset: Procreate

Image compatibility: Procreate and any graphics program that can open .PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

License: Extended Licence included for commercial projects and resale.


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